Donation/Contributions Application

All Donation / Contribution requests must be submitted at least 90 days in advance.

American Party Place will review and consider qualified requests and supplementary information and will respond to the requesting organization within 45 days of submission. Please complete and then submit this form. Please note, due to the high number of requests that we receive, we cannot accommodate every request.

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Service Delivery


Summarize the organization's mission.


Identify association with American Party Place employee, if any.


Financial Information


What is the organization's current annual operating budget?

For the organization's current operating budget, what amount is derived from?
  1. Earned Income
  2. Individual Contributions
  3. Corporate Donations
  4. Government Grants
  5. Foundation-Endowment
  6. United Way
  7.Other (please describe)


What percentage of the operating budget is for administration?


For Fundraising?


Donation Summary


Describe the program for which a donation is currently sought.


What is the total goal of the fundraising activity?


Describe the specific donation request of American Party Place.


Briefly describe the measurable objectives and timetable for program activities:


What target population is to be served?


Program Assessment


Describe how the program's success will be defined.


What is the timetable for evaluating and reporting the program's results?
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