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Table Setting

Table and Linen Applications

China and Place Settings

Tent Types and Capacities

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Tables and Linens

Table Size Floor Length Mid Length Overlay
72" Round 132" round 120" round
108" round
84" x 84"
108" round
60" Round 120" round 108" round
90" round
84" x 84"
90" round
54" x 54"
48" Round 108" round 90" round 54" x 54"
36" Round 90" round (just shy) 54" x 54"
36" cocktail 120" round 108" round
84" x 84"
54" x 54"
84" x 84"
30" cocktail 120" round (puddles a bit) 108" round
84" x 84"
54" x 54"
84" x 84"
8' banquet 90" x 156" 60" x 120" 54" x 54"
84" x 84"
60" x 120"
6' banquet 90" x 132" 60" x 120" 54" x 54"
84" x 84"
60" x 120"
4' banquet 90" x 108" 84" x 84" 54" x 54"
84" x 84"

China and Place Settings

What pieces make up an average formal dinner place setting?
China: Dinner plate, Salad plate, Bread and Butter plate, Coffee Cup and Saucer, and a Dessert Plate (usually brought in later in the meal)
Flatware: Dinner fork, Salad fork, Dinner knife, Butter knife, Teaspoon and either an additional Salad fork or Teaspoon for the Dessert.
Glassware: Water goblet and Wine glass.

What dishes do I need for my guests at a buffet?
Less is best, because your guests are balancing these dishes as they go through the buffet line. Generally, a Luncheon plate (9" diameter) is used to place the food on (including salad) because buffet menus are usually somewhat lighter than a full course meal.

Can I use plastic stemware with china plates?
We don't recommend it. Mixing disposable plastics with china dishes for a sit down dinner or buffet takes away from the "look" you are trying to achieve. However, it is possible to mix clear glass plates with clear plastic stemware for an outdoor, casual event, especially around a pool.

Do I need to give a fork, knife and spoon to every guest if it's an informal buffet?
Not at all. Take a look at your menu; are there any food items that will require a knife for cutting? If not, don't put them out, other than a few in the condiment area. Teaspoon only needed for coffee drinkers? Consider creating a "Coffee Service Area" where coffee, condiments and a half dozen teaspoons are set out for shared use.

What's a good general-purpose glass, suitable for several types of beverage?
The Water goblet is perfect for Iced Tea, Beer or Soda, besides water. A Tulip- shaped Wine glass of about 10 ounces can be used for just about any wine, even champagne. We also carry an 8.5 ounce multi-purpose wine glass that works well for all wine selections.

Is there one Bar glass that can be used for a variety of mixed drinks?
There are two glasses that can be used for just about any drink: the "Old Fashioned" and the "Highball" glasses. Many caterers use the Old Fashioned, as it has an 8 ounce capacity and a nice look to it.

I like buffet service, but how can I get my guests to move faster through the line?
Consider creating "stations" throughout your room; start them at a "salad station", where only salad items and cold finger foods are placed, then they must go to the "entree station" where the entrees and side dishes are. Desserts and beverages have their own "stations" as well. This system will ease any traffic problems perfectly, as well as create an interesting look to your event.

Tent Capacity

Frame Tents Seating w/Round Tables Seating w/Banquet Tables
10' x 10' 8 10 - 20
10' x 20' 16 10 - 25
10' x 30' 24 15 - 30
20' x 20' 32 40 - 50
20' x 30' 48 56 - 70
20' x 40' 64 80 - 100
30' x 30' 72 96 - 120
30' x 40' 96 120 - 150
30' x 50' 120 144 - 180
30' x 60' 144 168 - 210
40' x 40' 128 160 - 200
40' x 60' 192 224 - 280
40' x 80' 256 288 - 360
40' x 100' 320 352 - 440
40' x 120' 384 416 - 504

Remember to allow extra space for bar, dance floor, buffet area, DJ, etc. as applicable.

Obstructions such as trees and shrubberies, fountains or sculptures, etc. can prevent a successful tent installation. Also, some space around the perimeter is necessary for the installation process and securement (stakes and/or weights). If you're not sure, call us and schedule a free site inspection by one of our experienced installers prior to the event.

Often we are able to install tents an extra day or more in advance of a weekend event at no extra charge, subject to availability. If your tent is being installed on private property, let us know and we'll look into scheduling an early installation so that you may have more time for setup and decoration.

Wedding Tips

When should invitations and announcements be ordered?
Six months prior to the wedding, if not sooner.

When should announcements be mailed?
Approximately two to three months prior to the wedding.

May guests be invited to the reception and not the wedding?
Yes, if the ceremony is to be attended by only relatives or is a "destination wedding" with extra travel considerations.

What does the bride give the bridesmaids?
A small, lasting gift - such as a piece of jewelry.

What are appropriate groomsmen gifts?
Small personal accessories work well: tie clasps, watches, money clips, decorative flasks, etc.

What about gifts between the bride and groom?
The best gift here is something that evokes romance: flowers or jewelry, or even a love note.

How many ushers are needed?
One usher per 50 guests.

Where can receptions be held?
The bride's home, the home of a friend, hotel or club.

Where does the bride sit at the Bridal Party Table?
Always on the groom's right.

Do parents have to sit at the Bridal Party Table?
No, they may have their own table. Another option is to have a small "sweetheart table" for only the bride and groom, with the rest of the wedding party seated elsewhere.

Who gives the first toast?
The best man.

Which side of the church is reserved for the bride's family and friends?
The left is for the bride, the right is for the groom.

Can a home wedding be as formal as a church wedding?
Yes, the tone of your wedding is entirely up to you!

Who cuts the first piece of cake?
The bride with the groom's right hand over hers. They then break the slice and eat it together.

How does the reception dance start?
The bride and groom should be honored with the first dance.

Wedding Rental Ideas

Showers and Rehearsal
Punch Bowls
Beverage Fountains
Food Service Equipment

Ceremony and Reception
Aisle Runners
Arches and Screens
Arbor or Gazebo
Kneeling Benches
Guest Book Stand
Punch Bowls
Beverage Fountains
Food Service Equipment
Dance Floor
Pipe and Drape